John James Keenan Esq. lives to take care of clients who most lawyers refuse to help.

He is always seeking justice and caring about our firm's clients.

John takes inspiration from the legend of King Arthur, who drew the sword, Excalibur, from the stone, and claimed his right to the throne of Britain.

Based in New York City

Powerful against adversaries, caring for clients

Outside of the box legal strategy

John J. Keenan specializes in complex legal strategy.

John has over 25 years of experience as an attorney, specializing in personal injury, class action, commercial litigation, international commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense, cross-border transactions, bankruptcy, and domestic and international commercial arbitration.

John has extensive trial experience in US and Canadian courts and in mediation and arbitration settings. He has conducted various domestic and international arbitrations using AAA, ICDR, JAMS, SCC, ICC, and UNCITRAL rules.

Caring for our clients

John has worked as an independent attorney at Keenan Law Center, PC in which he oversaw all litigation with emphasis on complex civil and corporate disputes, commercial arbitrations, mediations, and litigation nationally and internationally. He has also appeared in numerous cross-border bankruptcy matters in both Canada and the US.

In addition to his law practice, John serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of Mediators Beyond Borders International.

Business Law &
Financial Services Compliance

Commercial Litigation, Class Action, Litigation, Divorce Law, Family Law, White Collar Criminal Defense, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Financial Transactions, Corporate Bankruptcy & Debt Restructuring, and International Law

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